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Erin Howard

(352) 872-6949

Functional Emotional Fitness™ Outcomes

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Erin Howard along with his wife Patricia, are the founders of BrainRenu, LLC, where they have proven to be successful in providing empowering solutions for clients dealing with Anxiety Issues, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self-Esteem Issues and all Addiction.  Because of Erin’s diverse background and 10 plus years experience in providing Alternative Therapy options to clients, it confirmed in his mind that the physical condition in the body was always linked to a person's emotional state to one degree or another.  So although attention to various physical conditions in the body is imperative, it repeatedly became evident that there was also a great need in the field to aid individuals in reaching an emotionally balanced state which in turn would work hand in hand with reaching wellness to an optimum degree. Hence the need to become certified in various modalities of Professional Emotional Wellness Coaching became a priority for Erin. 

In the beginning the practice took on clients without charge for the purpose of following their progress. The results were EXTREMELY POSITIVE and since then the Practice has been delivering results in helping many more individuals to get passed what were once overwhelming challenges, to the extent that the bulk of new clients come in as a result of being personally referred by a friend or family member.  As a Certified Functional Emotional Fitness Coach Erin is committed to continually refining his practice in an effort to give clients the best possible options available to them, when you work with Erin you will experience the precise attention that he strives to put into each client leaving out the formulaic approach.  He looks forward to assisting you in reaching your maximum potential.

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