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Full Access $3.99 Per Month
Paid Yearly

Connect with a Coach

    No Coach Assignation No Coach Assignation Full Access with Coach
  Step 1: Functional Emotional Fitness™ Checklist Yes Yes Yes
  Step 2: Subconscious Perspective & Empowering Questions No Yes Yes
  Step 3: Subconscious Self-Image No Yes Yes
  Step 4: Stop and Replace System No Yes Yes
  Step 5: The Heart of Functional Emotional Fitness™ No Yes Yes
  Step 6: The Food and Fitness Planner Yes Yes Yes
  Step 7: The Trance-Formation Yes Yes Yes
  Individual Coaching Without Being Connected to a CBC No Yes Yes
  Group Coaching Without Being Connected to a CBC No Yes Yes
  Remote Functional Emotional Fitness™ Coaching No Yes Yes

Connect Options Details


This option enables you to start monitoring your emotional state right now. Step 7 Guided Meditation audio is included but will have a much greater impact if you experience all previous steps. 

Full Access

This option has several advantages.

  • You get full access to Functional Emotional Fitness™ without a coach.
  • It offers optimum privacy and control over your data. 
  • You can email or call a coach to work with without connecting.
  • The most inexpensive way to put yourself or your child through the process

Connecting with a Coach                                                                           

Connecting with a Certified Burris Coach is the optimum way to go through the Functional Emotional Fitness™ Process and upon approval of a coach connection, you will have full access to Burris Connect. All Burris Coaches are trained with structured comprehensive guidelines which enable them to consistently produce measurable improvements at every session. All CBC's are independent contractors. Please check their profile for the hourly rate.