:: Step 1: Emotional Fitness™ Checklist

The Emotional Fitness™ Checklist

To effectively address the behavior you want to change, you need to establish a foundation that will allow you the flexibility of dealing with the specifics of what you wish to change. This is why Subconscious Restructuring™ works for everyone because it establishes a solid foundation from which to work.

Subconscious Restructuring™ is broken down into 7 Steps and covers the full range of emotions and human behavior. This is absolutely necessary if you want to affect any single issue.

You cannot get control unless you start by understanding how you talk to yourself, how you feel, and your perception of the world. The big question when attempting to initiate any change in your life is…Where do you start? A simple answer would be at the beginning. The next question would be…Where is the beginning? The beginning is to find out how you feel right now on a sliding scale. This is another troubling issue about going to a psychologist or psychiatrist. You sit there talking while the psychologist or psychiatrist is writing things down. The question is …“Shouldn’t you be the one writing?” The answer to this is, an emphatic “Yes.”

The Emotional Fitness Checklist has three sections; the first section is the Emotional Checklist. This section will help you understand how you are doing emotionally right now and the areas you need to give the most attention. The second is the Behavior Control Checklist. This section is designed to establish how well you understand your subconscious and the process of Subconscious Restructuring™. The third section is the Relationship Satisfaction Scale. This is important because if you are speaking negatively to yourself, this will carry through to how you speak to others. Good people skills will always outweigh intelligence and the Relationship Satisfaction will assure your people skills are in check.