:: What Does Your Score Mean?

Functional Emotional Fitness™ Checklist: What Does Your Score Mean

You have now established a baseline so you can begin to identify areas that need the most work. Before you have an accurate assessment of yourself, you need to put yourself through the FEF™  process and then fill out another FEF™ Checklist.

The Emotional Checklist - Your objective is the lowest score possible. If any of your responses are 4 or lower, there is not a big need for concern, but you do need to address it and try to bring the number down even further. If any of your responses are a 5 or above, you definitely need to monitor this issue and restructure the subconscious processes that may be keeping this number high. A sustained 10 on any of these issues indicates you need to see either your physician or a psychiatrist and discuss the possibility of medication. The total score on all of these is not as important as the individual scores.

The Behavior Control Checklist - Your objective here is the highest score possible. It is important to try to score yourself accurately. If you think you know how your subconscious works, this is a lot different than knowing how your subconscious works. You will know how your subconscious works after putting yourself through the program process and therefore, your score will go up.

Relationship Satisfaction Scale - Your objective here is the highest score possible. The first component of information that determines your emotional state and behavior is how you speak to yourself. When you restructure how you speak to yourself, it is reflected when you speak to others. This will raise your score in this area as well.

After you have completed the 7 Step FEF™  process, you will want to do another Checklist within 24 hours, after that a minimum of once a week for one month. The length of time you stay with the program is dependent upon how significant the changes you need to make are and of course your age and gender. The bottom line is the program process of FEF™ conforms to how the subconscious works, and it will be up to you to continue to implement the tools you have learned until you achieve the exact results you want.