:: Step 7: The Trance-Formation

The Trance-Formation
What you say to yourself is more important than anything anyone will ever say to you or about you

The Audio

There are two tracks to the Step 7 Audio. Track 1 is an explanation of the Trance-Formation and Track 2 is The Trance-Formation. Following is an explanation and the intent of the seventh and final step of SR®.

The Trance-Formation

The term Trance is used to describe a subconscious state, or what you may refer to as meditation or prayer. It is a means of having a greater level of communication with the subconscious. The last half of this term, Formation, refers to the formation of information during your Trance or the structure of your self-talk and pictures. I also refer to the Trance-Formation as accelerated restructuring.

The most powerful means of changing your subconscious programming is through the use of light trance. Light trance is termed light trance because it is not intended for me to take over your subconscious. The intention is for you to take control of your subconscious. I am simply the facilitator. The Trance-Formation is also important because it is in essence prayer or meditation with a purpose. It is designed to help you learn how to meditate and for those who already meditate to substantially increase the power of your meditation or prayer.

During your light trance, you remain aware of everything around you and in complete control. Instead of being given generic or general information, the information used during your trance will be specific to you as established in the first six steps of the program. The purpose of the Trance-Formation is not to quiet the mind as in most forms of meditation. The mind has a certain speed it is going to run regardless of what you attempt because this is just part of being alive. You can however take control of what it is doing, and this is what the Trance-Formation is all about.

Once you have learned the dialogue of the induction, you can use this to put yourself in a relaxed state that will allow you greater control over your subconscious processes. It is important  you put yourself in a Light Trance at least once a day.

The effectiveness of your meditation will always be determined by what you say to yourself and the pictures you choose. The Trance-Formation requires  you are not involved in any activity. It is important before listening to the Trance-Formation that you choose a quiet place where you can relax and fully absorb this wonderful experience.