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:: Ash Wise

Ash Wise

CEO & Co-Founder | Teal Star: The PTSD Network & Magazine

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Ash Wise is the CVO & Founder of Battling B.A.R.E., Inc. one of the fastest growing and most internationally recognized charities addressing PTSD.


Healing hurts by expanding the horizons of the heart, soul and mind.


Create a transformational culture based on passion, healing and love that ignites complete metamorphosis of the soul.

Originally setting out to find a few other women married to combat arms Service Members with PTSD, Ash started a global movement, originally called Battling BARE, when she posted her now iconic photo holding her husband’s gun above her head with a pledge emblazoned on her bare back vowing to quiet the silent screams and piece together the shards of her husband soul shattered by everything he had seen and experienced in combat. 

Ash has been an active philanthropist throughout her life and is humbled and honored to serve others dealing with the daily challenges of PTSD no matter the cause. 

The quintessential entrepreneur, Ash’s natural business sense, vast array of skills and talents, and her uncanny ability to retain information and learn at lightening speeds has caused others to call her a prodigy. For those that know her best, Ash is simply Ash—devoted mother, wife and friend who is painfully honest, grounded, humble, loyal and loving.


Remember there comes a time when the pain it takes to remain the way you are now becomes more than the pain you precieve in the process of growing and realizing your destiny. In fact, this process is FUN! It's EXCITING! It's REWARDING! It's FASTER than you think, too! Ready to stop settling for mediocrity and start fulfilling your DESTINY!? 

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