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Cindy Borders

Health and Welness Coaching |

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Cindy Borders is a Certified SR® Counselor Life Coach who specializes in health and fitness.  She works with clients in areas such as obesity, diabetes, addiction, and fitness.  Cindy uses her expertise in coaching to design and deliver a customized performance solution to healthy lifestyles.  Her outcome is always to equip clients with the skills and a ‘can do’ attitude needed to realize and maintain achievable outcomes.

Cindy uses her coaching expertise to design and deliver performance solutions.  Her areas of training encompass group exercise, personal training, and stress relieve relying on her training in yoga and tai-chi.  She equips clients with the tools and skills to achieve results and teaches lessons on health education to groups of clients.  She specializes in positive life attitudes through presentations that positive mental attitudes can change life!

Coaching clients and organization leaders translate Cindy’s passion and positive outlook on life as key to fostering an optimistic and enthusiastic culture.  She also works with senior leaders to help them first embody and then execute the changes they envision for themselves and their organizations employees.  She accomplishes this by challenging her clients and asking the difficult questions to remove barriers that harbor their personal, functional and professional effectiveness.  

Cindy holds a Bachelor Degree of Health Science with a focus as a Health Educator.  Her training has helped with the ability to coach individuals, as well as group coaching.  She pursued significant coursework specific to Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Kinesiology, Beginning Principles of OTA, Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Cross Cultural Health, Intro to Health Education, and Health Management.  Additionally, she holds industry certifications as follows: ACE-Group Exercise, AFAA-Personal Training, AAAI-Yoga, Schwinn-Cycling, American Heart-CPR/Health Care Provider, and SR® Counselor Coaching Certification.

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