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:: Claudia Rotman

Claudia Rotman

Reiki Master/ Teacher Subconscious Restructuring® Life Coach | Living Life by Clauda Rotman

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Claudia Rotman has been offering her gifts in the Spirit of service in the field of energetic healing and balancing for over  5 years .  Offering clients sessions as a practitioner, private spiritual coach and group workshop leader, Claudia helps people transform their lives, providing practical and fascinating information that can be put to immediate daily use. A Reiki master since 2008, she is also certified in the area of Subconscious Restructuring, Angel Cards Readings and Akashic Records.  Currently Claudia offers Reiki Circles and private Reiki sessions at aLaya Spa, located within the Bonaventure Resort in Weston, Florida.

As a woman in her mid-twenties, Claudia began looking for answers to issues in her own personal life, which began her healing journey, and launched her continuing journey to help others based on her experiences. In 2007 she discovered Reiki, and decided to learn all three Levels (Level 1, Level 2, and Mastership). She did not know at the time that Reiki would lead her to discover her passion for the studies of human behavior, past lives, energy healing (just to mention a few!) and most importantly the revelation of her mission: to share this wealth of knowledge with others, especially young women starting their own journeys.  Claudia learned a lot about herself, her fears, her core strengths and how those impacted everyone around her.  She started to understand that in order to transform ourselves, we need  to understand our natural patterns and use our past experiences as tools for growth and our own transformations.  She is often heard repeating this truth: "You can use this knowledge to allow life to unfold as it's meant to."

Today, she is grateful for her challenges, lessons and experiences because she understands that without them...she could not touch the lives of others like she does each and every day. She also knows that every day she shares what she has learned; she also cleanses and transforms her own soul.  The Giver also received the Gift.  Knowing this, she continues exploring different holistic modalities like Reiki, Subconscious Restructuring, Akashic Records and Angel Cards, to raise the consciousness in which people live. Claudia currently lives in Weston, Florida, with her Husband Jeff and her four daughters, Jaimie, Shana, Leah and Rebekah.

For information on any of Claudia's offerings, please contact her at 954-816-9209 or claudiarotman@me.com.

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