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Daphne Bye


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Daphne enlisted in the Marine Corps August 2007- 2011 although she is born and raised in Brooklyn NY, she was recruited out of Cleveland Ohio, after her family moved out of the city.

When she hit the fleet, she was stationed in Camp Pendleton with CLR 15. After finishing her contract with the Marine corps, she enrolled into college to finish her degree in Marketing and Communications, while going to college she felt she needed to go back to her roots and into the entertainment industry, which gave her the freedom to regain her true self again and meet many interesting people through networking.

After Daphne finished her Bachelors degree she felt she needed a little more education and enrolled to fashion school in Los Angeles California and received her Associates degree in Fashion in product development. Daphne was able to use both her degrees not only in the corporate setting but also within the entertainment industry.

Being a celebrity styling assistant and working not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes in productions.

She is currently residing in Holly Ridge NC with her family during her husbands enlistment. During her time in NC she started to focus on yoga and has been certified as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher to combat her PTSD and anxiety, she learned that yoga and Burris is a great tool to have as a Veteran. Her goal is to help other vets combat emotional and physical trials that they may not know how to manage as well as building a community to keep camaraderie alive even after military service.

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