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:: Debra Lombardozzi

Debra Lombardozzi


Upcoming Subconscious Restructuring™ Workshops

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From life in a small town, to life in a big city, and now in paradise, Debra's life experience and education have enabled her to dance to her own beat and create her own song.  Her passion is assisting others as they also find their own beat and create their own songs designing the life of their dreams. 

Prior to earning her certification as a life coach, Debra earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education with a music option, a Bachelor of Art in Music Education and Performance, along with a Certificate of Awareness in Gifted and talented.  Debra is proud to be an Education and Training professional, since her focus as an experienced communicator is to drive positive change while attaining goal-specific results. 

Debra assures you of a safe place to grow, with honesty and openness, partnering with you in a clinically proven process of designing your life, setting manageable goals, challenging you, and holding you accountable as you achieve your visions.   Providing coaching in Subconscious Restructuring, Child & Adult Learning, and Music Training and Education, she looks forward to hearing from you soon!

In-Office Burris Coaching: