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Sathia Narayan

+60 12 282 1863

Upcoming Subconscious Restructuring™ Workshops

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Sathia Narayan a.k.a. NASA is the first Certified Subconscious Restructuring™ Coach in Malaysia. He is experienced and skilled in guiding people make radical personal transformation. He has assisted many and now he can lend a hand to you to clear away the clutter and energy drains that keep you from being the best you can be. As your personal life coach NASA acts as a friend, part consultant, part mentor, part therapist and as a third-party support person skilled at helping you take control of your life.

NASA has over 30 years of proven expertise in education, training, management, computing, business development, marketing, sales and service. He has worked overseas and locally in both governmental, non-governmental organisations, and has headed corporate business organisation as well as been the CEO of his own company.

As a certified (NS-NLP) practitioner and a life coach NASA’s mission is to help individuals discover and work on their deepest passions through NLP & Hypnosis-based therapy sessions and workshops.

He is known for his high personal integrity, ability to build rapport and trust in all. As a trainer and educator, he is highly articulate, confident and a persuasive team-builder, motivator and communicates effectively with individuals to achieve exceptional personal & business performance.

For more information check out: http://ExcellentLifeCoach.com/