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:: Gabriella Kershner

Gabriella Kershner

Certified SR Counselor, Author | Her Quest 31

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Gabriella Kershner provides personal, health and wellness, and corporate coaching and counseling for individuals and companies in a completely confidential setting. Gabriella Kershner is a Life Guidance Practitioner/Life Coach/SR Counselor and author. She has over 15 years of experience and education in the health and wellness, business, finance, and social science sectors. She has used her expertise in helping people achieve their short and long term goals by helping them format detailed plans or blueprint specific to his or her fitness, career, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual goals at home and in the workplace as well as in relationships. She helps her clients by customizing 21 day programs for each of them that best fits their personality, goals, and purpose to aid in helping achieve the objective and destination. Gabriella has a BA in Psychology and Sociology as well as an MBA and is a therapist in training. Having spent years in research and writing, she understands the proper behavioral modalities and techniques as well as the delicate and intricate human psyche and human spirit which as a result affect the human body and interactions with others. She is a believer and advocate of the Holy Bible as a source for mental/emotional health and wellness and uses it as a foundation for the behavioral models used when working with others. She finds that it is the key to “true balance” while reaching full potential and a miraculous well-being. She is passionate in helping and counseling individuals in a personal and corporate setting as she gives them effective advice on career consulting as well as all things health and wellness for help in magnifying the Lord in spirit and in truth in the mind, body, and spirit. Her faith is a powerhouse. "Nothing is impossible if you just believe."

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