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:: Jed Dunford

Jed Dunford


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Jed Dunford has been in pursuit of answers all of his life.  As a young boy he was always asking the question, “Why does it do that?” or “How does it work?”  His mother could answer many of those questions, but for some she had no idea.  His training as an Electrical Engineer at the University of Utah served to give him a broad base of understanding in the world of science.  His early vocational pursuits focused his problem-solving skills using computer technology, and his interest in medicine led him to explore the inner workings of the human mind.  All of this prepared him for his biggest problem solving adventure – Happiness.

He was puzzled why some people seem to have found the secrets to a happy life, and others were lost without a clue.  Some were at peace with the world around them, while others were in constant turmoil.  Some were searching outside of themselves, while others saw the solution coming from within.  The need for answers reached a pinnacle with his fourth child.  This boy did not seem to fit the pattern that works so well for the other children, and it became apparent to Jed that if he couldn't find the answers he so desperately needed he was going lose the association with his son.

Help came in the form of mentors who taught Jed that the answers he was seeking were to be found in his beliefs and his perspective of the world, in particular, in what believed about himself and his son.  The new information led to changes in his thinking and his behavior.  That resulted in changes in his relationship with his son.  He was on the right track.  Their relationship was improving.

An intense learning period followed which occupied several years.  Finally, after much research, he felt he had found the answers he was looking for.  He began to teach his newfound concepts and understandings to others who were searching desperately for happiness themselves.  His teachings seem to help them, and their happiness increased.  He was asked once to teach his concepts during BYU education week in Provo Utah.  He has been involved in learning and teaching for more than 20 years now.

Finally, he turned his focus to writing a book.  He wanted to make those concepts available to others.  It took several passes before the book began to take shape, but with the help of friends and editors, he succeeded. He has self-published several copies of his book and made them available to interested friends and family.

However, he still felt that something was missing. It puzzled him that some people accepted his ideas and made the necessary changes to their thinking quite rapidly, while others seem to struggle. He found that for some the ability to examine their beliefs and behavior came quickly, and their behavior changed accordingly. Others seem to accept his concepts but found it difficult to implement the changes in their behavior. He began looking for something to help his students make the behavior changes more successfully.

His search ended when he found the Subconscious Restructuring (SR®) Institute. Dr. Kelly Burris had developed a method of changing behavior by focusing on reconstructing the programming of the subconscious mind. That concept appealed to Jed, and he became a Certified Subconscious Restructuring Counselor (CSRC). He is now using the subconscious restructuring concepts taught by Dr. Burris to help those students who have difficulty in making the necessary behavior changes to find the happiness they really deserve.