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:: Maggie Hernandez-Knight

Maggie Hernandez-Knight

Wellness Facilitator | JourneySpace

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MAGGIE HERNANDEZ-KNIGHT is a certified SR CoachTM since March of 2009.  As an overall Wellness Facilitator, Maggie employs Life & Health Coaching and Transformational Arts to help others live happier, healthier lives. This came after having overcome her own life-long challenges including depression, deep rooted fears and anger. Maggie has been sharing her experience since 2002 in hopes of awakening others to the magic of self-empowerment and healing. Maggie offers Life Strategies Workshops, Wellness Support, Transformational Rhythm & Voice, JourneyDance, and SR CoachingTM to clients.  Her primary interest is to help individuals live happier, healthier lives. She is also the author of the book, The Magic of Succeeding: Baby-Stepping Your Thoughts, Goals, and Life.

  • Personal Development Author
  • BurrisTM Life Coach
  • L.E.A.N. Health Coach
  • JourneyDanceTM Instructor
  • Wellness Drumming Facilitator
  • Visual Artist
  • Ballet Teacher
  • Laughter YogaTM Leader

"Over a decade ago, I discovered that through crisis – similar to what we are experiencing today – comes the greatest opportunity to take control of our lives. By making the choice to transform a personal crisis into a catalyst for change, I tapped into the magic of self-healing. It has been my mission ever since to help others do the same. " - Maggie Hernandez-Knight


"The most important part that happened in 2008 was actually going to Music Talks session back in February.  There I had the chance to hear you talk about balance.  It brought me an awareness and I kept in that direction. It stayed on the top of my goals everyday since". —Lili Roquelin, singer-songwriter-producer

“It’s all in the power of how you explain things. You make them easy to understand. Your voice is like a traveling companion in your mind that never goes away. It’s unforgettable.” - Jay Bertete, actor & film producer 

"[Ms. Hernandez-Knight] understands the [SR] material very well and is very passionate about the material and clients." —Anonymous Client, NYC

“I think you started me on a nice path… Today I let go of all anger, jealousy, bitterness and resentment. I permanently delete them from my mind, body, and life for good.” —Anonymous Client, NYC

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