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:: Nancy J Hiller

Nancy J Hiller


Upcoming Subconscious Restructuring™ Workshops

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As a SR® Counselor and 7 year student of psychology and transpersonal psychology, I specialize in Theocentric Counseling utilizing The SR® process of re-aligning the subconscious mind. This method proves time and again to outrank, in actual clinical results, all forms of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and every form of counseling I have come across in my career as a Counselor and Life Coach. The results have been quick, astounding, and most important: quantifiable. You can get free advice on a question (just one per person, please)from highly skilled professionals around the globe at my cooperative website www.dearjosephine.com or call me to book your initial 2 hour session at 512.791.2910


In-Office Burris Coaching: