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:: Paula Morgan

Paula Morgan

Founder & President | Twin Rotors Mission

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Paula Morgan is the Founder and President of Twin Rotors Mission, a 501c3 Nonprofit assisting veterans, their families, active duty and first responders. She served in the Army National Guard from 1987-1991, working in the Signal Core as a Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Operator. She later transitioned to Active Duty Army, earning her Aircraft Crewman Badge as Avionics Mechanic where she performed her duties working on Chinooks, Hueys, Apaches, and Blackhawks from 1991-1995. Her time in service required her to maintain a Secret Security Clearance. Unique assignments afforded her the opportunity to serve 1 year overseas in South Korea. Special skill identifiers included Aircraft Survivability Equipment, Kiowa Warrior, OH-58D Qualified. In 1995 she was Honorably Discharged having earned numerous awards and ribbons to include the Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal and the Noncommissioned Officer's Professional Development Ribbon.

In 1994, she married an active duty solider whom she met while serving together in South Korea. In 1995, her husband was sent to PLDC training. While he was in training, a CH47 helicopter in his unit went down during a phase maintenance flight, killing all five on board. This was one of the most gut wrenching experiences they faced together. Later that year she medically retired from military service. She continued to serve military community, and was recognized for her willingness to serve soldiers with great enthusiasm and cheerfulness. She Initiated communication with other military wives in coordinating efforts such as planning funerals, seasonal parties, and other functions as deemed appropriate based on the community and program agendas. After her husband left service in 1997, their ties with the veteran community were severed. Paula was advised by Human Resources professionals to remove anything related to her time in service from her resume, and applications in order to secure employment outside of the military. At a loss as to what to do, she returned to school to complete an Associate of Science degree in Electronic Technology. Eventually, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Programming. Finally, she graduated with honors, completing a dual Master of Science degree in Human Resources Development and Computer Resources and Information Management. She has a minor in Psychology related fields which include Abnormal Psychology, Biological Foundations of Behavior, Fundamentals of Motivation, Developmental Psychology, and Technology and Social Process.

Despite all of these accomplishments she truly longed to be back in the military. Years later, in 2017, she and her husband would learn through the end credits of the movie, 'Lone Survivor,' that a fellow warrior they served together with in South Korea had been killed in 2005 when the Chinook aircraift was shot down during Operation Red Wings. Following this discovery, she and her husband began exploring how they could reconnect with the veteran community. In doing so, a chest full of locked up memories resurfaced, opening old wounds as a result of trauma. Paula began to volunteer with GallantFew, Inc. in 2019. She has been and continues to be mentored by Karl Monger, the Founder of GallantFew. He is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, licensed as a Professional Counselor Associate, and is supervised by Dr. Summer Allen, LPC-S.

People who know Paula describe her as a creative, motivated, energetic, tenacious, and a trusted confidant. Through her nonprofit, she is passionate about her mission to the veteran and first responder community. As a veteran herself, and a spouse to a veteran, along with the majority of the family members on her husband's side have served or continue to serve, she understands how family dynamics play a critical role in the overall fitness of the family. She is afforded a unique perspective when it comes to the veteran community, families, active-duty military, and relationships. She is especially sensitive to those who once held, or continue to hold security clearances, but were never able to seek mental health care without potential repercussions. Although she didn't see combat, she served during Desert Storm (1990), the Persian Gulf War (1991), and in South Korea (1992). Her traumatic experiences exposed her to witness death, which eventually led to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and a loss of purpose in life. This is why one of the focal points of her nonprofit addresses mental health which offer alternatives to traditional mental health services, such as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. She has been working with other individuals of the military to develop a life coach approach to navigating life's challenges. Subconscious RestructuringTM is a program process which proves to have dramatic results in saving veteran lives. 

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