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:: Peggy Doyle

Peggy Doyle CSRC


Subconscious Restructuring™ Outcomes

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Before SR, I experienced a lifetime struggle with my weight.  I’d lose it over the years, only to have it come back.  After menopause, things changed and the weight loss methods that had worked in the past, no longer worked.  I needed to find a new approach.  I was committed to this being the last time I would have to lose the same weight over again.

That’s when SR and hCG came into my life.  This combination was a perfect fit for me.  It allowed me to lose the weight while simultaneously examining my relationship between food and my excess weight.  SR not only helped me to reassess the issues of food, weight loss and overall health, but it also provided me with the framework to address my overall health, wealth and self-image.

I now feel fully empowered to redefine the second half of my life as I choose. I want to share this knowledge with those who are struggling on the same path.


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