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V. Ivana Foster, EdDc

Aggressive Confidence Coaching Expert | The Confidence Architect™ Coaching & Development Firm, llc

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Delivering Solutions for: Relationships, Premarital & Marital Coaching & Counseling, Separations, Divorce, Depression, PTSD, ADD, Eating Disorders, Weight Management, Anxiety Disorders, Self & Body Image and Stress Management.


For more than 20 years I have devoted my entire services and practice to providing quality, professional interactive, evidence-based, solution-focused coaching to helping individuals and their families achieve their definition of abundance, prosperity, and happiness.  My coaching approach include support and practical feedback to effectively move my client toward their ultimate life passion.

Because no two individuals are the same, I purposely integrates complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach for clients and couples.  It is truly is an honor and pleasure to partner with a broad spectrum of clients, couples and organizations.

My affirming Georgia based practice, The Confidence Architect Coaching and Development Firm, LLC., offers a wide range of evidence-based solutions for Women, Men, Singles, Couples, Students, Groups, Organizations, Associations, and Corporate.


To discuss various coaching perspectives, please Schedule an Appointment on This Site or Visit:

 The Confidence Architect's™  | Life, Relationship, & Emotional Wellness Coaching

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