:: Step 3: Subconscious Self-Image

Step 3: Subconscious Self-Image

There will never be a more important image you have in your subconscious mind or a more
important image you will need to change than the image you have of yourself right now

This is Step 3 of the program process, which addresses the second component of Information that determines your emotional state and in turn determines your behavior…“Your Subconscious Pictures”

There is a question you need to ask yourself before starting on this one and that is… Do you feel good about yourself right now? Starting right now, you must feel fantastic about yourself on all levels. If you do not feel good about yourself right now, the subconscious has no place to go.

Example: If you see yourself as out of shape, insecure with your job or relationship,  have a low self-image or are continuously subjected to a previous traumatic event and do not know how to restructure this information the subconscious will simply do what is does best and continue to maintain this unwanted image.

If you set a goal that has to do with a change of your physical image without restructuring the image in your subconscious, your chances of success are at best remote. It is like wearing clothes that do not fit. You can wear them, but you are never comfortable. This discomfort will lead you back to where you began.

The best example of the importance of your subconscious self-imagery is people who are unable to maintain a consistent weight loss. One of the primary reasons for not maintaining their weight is because they did not restructure the image they had of themselves before they started. Once they achieve their goal weight, the subconscious did everything it could to get them back to the image that was locked in the subconscious.

As you now know, it is essential the image you have of yourself in your subconscious mind, match your goal and this is in regard to all of your goals not just body image. Writing down a detailed description of your new self-image will be the most effective way of implanting your new self-image into your subconscious. Going back and reading the description of your new self-image as part of your daily program will make this image a permanent part of your new subconscious programming.

Again, I will ask you questions to try to generate as clear a picture as possible. If you do not need the questions simply go directly to the Subconscious Self-Image form.

1) Please describe in detail how you look and feel in mind, body, and spirit after you have attained your objectives. 

Questions for Your New Self-Image

A) Do you feel you can quickly process all events past and present so you feel perpetually empowered and in control?
B) What are the measurements and weight of your new fit body?
C) Do you feel a greater sense of spiritual strength which has become a perfect magnet for everything you desire?
D) Do you feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment?
E) What location could you put yourself in that would give you the most incredible feeling? Example: On vacation with someone you love, with family and friends or maybe in a quiet place just meditating.
F) How are other people reacting to you in this picture?It is important you learn to associate activities that you know you will enjoy with your new self-image because becoming more active is an essential factor in attaining and maintaining a positive self-image. With this in mind let us continue.

2) Please, describe the activities you see yourself participating in after attaining your goals.

Questions for Your Activities
Do you see yourself doing aerobics, jogging, lifting weights, going for a brisk walk, or maybe just parking further away from the entrance while going shopping?

The subconscious will always move toward pleasure and away from pain. This is why it is crucial that your new subconscious self-image is detailed, crystal clear and you derive tremendous pleasure from it.