:: Step 3: Writer Producer Director

Writer Producer Director

You are now the writer, producer, and director of your subconscious self-image. You can create the exact image you wish. You can participate in an activity you enjoy and in an emotional state and location that makes you feel incredible. Make your new subconscious body image as real and pleasurable as possible.

Maintenance Questions

What do you do if you have a difficult time maintaining your new image? Questions play an important role here as well. If you are having a difficult time maintaining the new perception of yourself, ask the following questions.

1) How can I maintain the image of this positive perception every second, every minute, every hour of the day?
2) What do I need to do to maintain this new image?
3) What can I add to the picture that will help me maintain this new image?
4) What do I need to do to feel fantastic all the time?
5) What action do I need to take today that will make me feel great?

Any time you run out of questions, ask yourself:
6) What questions can I ask myself that will help me maintain this new positive empowering image?

There is one more variable here, and that is, there might be something in the way of the consistent maintenance of your new pictures. If so, ask yourself the next two questions:

7) What is getting in the way of the maintenance of my new picture? Or
8) What do I need to restructure that will help clear up the image of my new picture?

You need to go back and reread your three responses from your Subconscious Self-Image every day because you need to have a very clear vision of how the new self appears, and most importantly, feels in mind, body, and spirit. Every time you go back and reread this, you are restructuring the old programming. It is important to continue restructure until the subconscious accepts this new picture as to how you should look and feel.

The Structure of Your Subconscious Pictures

The way you are able to determine positive from negative experiences is the way an image is stored in the subconscious or the structure of that image. Following, you will discover how you store the visual information that creates a positive emotional state for you and then use that information to help you maintain your focus and motivation toward your goals.

I think we can all agree we are all basically wired the same, but the reason one person loses motivation and another says never quit, lie in the way each of us codes our internal pictures. In other words, every person’s perception of what they are doing is different. This is why two people can experience the same event but have a totally different perception or feeling about it.

Before we begin, you need to clearly understand how to Associate and Dissociate. Right now association and dissociation happens automatically; in other words, how you feel about events in your life will determine whether you associate or dissociate with the experience. If you are out of shape, over or under eat, or are abusive toward your body, you are dissociating from it. Association and dissociation must be intentional if you want a greater level of control over how you feel. Association and dissociation is the equivalent of you watching your life’s movie. If I ask you to Dissociate from a picture this means you are in the theatre looking at yourself in the picture.

You may need to further dissociate from the picture if it is one you are particularly uncomfortable with. This means you will put yourself in the balcony looking down at yourself watching yourself in the picture. When I ask you to Associate with a picture of yourself, this simply means you place yourself in the picture and fully become part of that experience.

You will now begin with defining the structure of a subconscious picture. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you can fully concentrate. Think about your new self-image as you detailed it in the Subconscious Self-Image and establish all the positive associated feelings of love, health, and wealth. Do whatever you need, to fully focus and concentrate on the formation of this picture. When you look at this picture, you feel total love and feel life could not be better. It could be a vacation, a new love or whatever you wish. You will refer to this picture as your Motivation Picture.

Once you have established your new image, we will explore the composition. Is the picture you see of this experience in color or black and white? If it is in black and white, turn it in to color; if it is already in color, make the colors more pleasing and vibrant. Is the picture framed, unframed, or panoramic? If the picture is framed or a certain size, make it panoramic so it completely encompasses your field of vision. Is the picture moving like a film or is it still? If the picture is still, add movement. If the picture is too fast or too slow, adjust the speed so it is completely comfortable for you. Is there sound in the form of voices, music, ambient, or nothing? If there, is a voice or voices you find immensely pleasing, add them in and delete the rest; now add your favorite music or ambient sound like ocean waves, birds chirping or a gentle breeze. Is the picture bright and clear or slightly out of focus? If the picture is out of focus, make it perfectly clear; if it is clear, make it brighter, sharper, and clearer until it is overwhelmingly pleasing. Take a few moments to structure this picture so it is the most compelling experience you have ever had. Now, associate with this picture and place yourself in that experience. Give yourself a moment to solidly plant yourself in the picture. Did you feel different when you became part of this experience? Step out of this picture and put the image aside for a moment, and we will establish what you will refer to as your Goal Picture.

This time I want you to create a picture of yourself moving toward one or more of the goals you established in the Subconscious Perspective. Take a moment and be sure to get a clear image of this picture. When you have established the image, let us look at the composition. Is the picture in color or black and white? Is the picture framed, unframed, or panoramic? How big is the image and where is it located? Is the picture moving like a film or is it still? If it is moving, is the speed fast, slow, or normal? Is there sound in the form of voices, ambient, or nothing? Is the picture bright and clear or slightly out of focus? Once you have established the composition of the Goal Picture, I want you to bring back the motivation picture and place it in front of the Goal Picture. Step into the motivation picture and completely associate with it. Now punch a tiny, tiny pinhole through the motivation picture so you can look through it and see the Goal Picture.

While looking through the pinhole, begin to change the structure of the Goal Picture to match the motivation picture. In other words, if the Goal Picture is in black and white, turn it into color. Now make it panoramic. Do the same with the sound, speed and resolution as well as any other differences you can see. Once you have reframed your Goal Picture, change the image of yourself until you see exactly what you want. Pause for a moment to make sure the mind, body, and spirit of the person in this picture is exactly what you want. Be sure to establish the exact physical dimensions you want along with the purest feelings of love for the person in that picture. Be sure you remain in the motivation picture while occasionally looking through the pinhole and seeing yourself totally in control and doing what you feel is completely necessary to accomplish your goals.

If you have trouble restructuring the Goal Picture to match the motivation picture, you can fuse the Goal Picture with the motivation picture. In other words, move the Goal Picture into the motivation picture until both pictures become one and you see yourself in the motivation picture going through your daily fitness plan. This technique can be used with any objective in your life that needs a little more motivation behind it.