:: Step 5: The Heart of Subconscious Restructuring™

The Heart of Subconscious Restructuring™

The Heart of Subconscious Restructuring™ consists of your Love, Health, Wealth, and Self Image. Now that you understand how to take control of your emotional state and behavior, it is necessary you use these skills on a daily basis. The way you process information can be dramatically changed in a short period of time, simply by consistently implementing The Heart of Subconscious Restructuring™.

Feel free to bend, shape, rearrange, and change any questions to suit your exact needs. It is imperative you ask yourself a minimum of one question per category every night before you go to bed and every morning after you get up. This is the least you must do in order to maintain control of your subconscious.

The Five Key Questions

The First Three Key Questions You Will Ask Yourself About Everything Through the Course of Your Day Are:

1) Does this work for me?
2) How do I feel and will I benefit from the results of this? (If the answer is no, ask yourself this next question)
3) What can I replace this with that will benefit me?

The Two Key Questions to Use Instead of Reprimanding Yourself Are:

4) What can I learn from this? and
5) How can I use this experience to move more quickly toward my objectives?

The first of these five questions is the most important because you can plug many different things into it. For instance, does this program work for me? I want you to ask yourself this question because the objective is to ensure your success. You now have the resources to do that, but you need to know what is working and what does not.

Other things you may want to plug into this first key question are…Does this food plan work for me? Does this fitness plan work for me? Does this relationship work for me?

The second question is important because there are things in your life you think may work for you, but you may not benefit from the results. The best example of this is cigarette smokers. If I ask, a smoker…“Does smoking work for you?” The image they will usually see initially is kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying their cigarette so the initial answer is many times yes. If I then ask…“How do you feel and will you benefit from the results of smoking?” This brings up a totally different picture especially if you ask them to look at the results 10, 20 or 30 years from now.

You now see someone whose mouth looks like a puckered rectum, breathing has become difficult, and they have significantly shortened their quality of life.

The third question is important because you cannot leave a blank spot in the subconscious mind. If you do not make a choice for the replacement of an emotion, habit or behavior, the subconscious will make one for you. The whole point of this program process is not to become who you are by accident, especially if it simply does not work.

Reprimanding yourself will not only keep you where you are but will also increase the weight of the anchor for what you do not want. Asking the last two questions will allow you to not only move away from making yourself feel bad, it will also allow you to use every experience in your life. Nothing in life is negative or useless if you fully understand how to speak to yourself about it.