:: Step 4: Instruction Set - Anger

The STOP & REPLACE System – Anger        


In the box at the top of the Stop and Replace System form, please write in anger. If there is something specific, add that in. In other words if you have anger toward yourself, a family member, a friend, your boss or the way your life is going.

Benefits of NOT doing this and Empowering Question

What is one of the biggest Benefits of not being angry? What is usually significantly impaired when you get angry? Do you begin to communicate differently? Yes. Your first benefit for not being angry might be…“I will not lose control of my ability to communicate effectively.” And of course the Empowering Question would be: “How can I improve my communication skills?”

What other benefits might there be for not being angry? Do you ever stuff this emotion with food? If the answer is yes, your next benefit for not doing this might be…“I will not be able to use anger as an excuse to over or under eat.” The Empowering Question would be…“How can I eliminate anger as an excuse to over or under eat?”

Would you be more loving toward yourself, your family, and others? Yes. If this pertains to you, please write it down. The Empowering Question for this benefit would be…“How can I be more loving toward my family, others, and myself?”

Would you have more fun with life? Definitely! If this pertains to you, another benefit might be…“I will have more fun with life.” The Empowering Question would be…“How can I have more fun with everything I do in life?”

Answers to Empowering Questions

Be sure to fill in your Answers to Empowering Questions when the answers come to you.

Describe your Replacement Picture - Associated

When you have finished the positive anchors and Empowering Questions, drop down and describe your new picture associated. Once again, the basis for your new picture needs to be a combination of the results of the goals you listed in Step 2 of the Subconscious Perspective and the description of the new self you wrote down in Step 3 of the Subconscious Self-Image.

After establishing the picture of the new self, make sure the structure is the same as your initial replacement picture and enhance it in any way you possibly can. For instance, add music to it if you have a favorite song, add whatever colors you want, or put people in the picture who make you feel good. Also, make sure you always focus on the results of whatever your replacement picture is.

Describe your Old Picture - Dissociated

When you have finished describing the new picture, describe the old picture, dissociated.

Your Cue for Anger

Were you able to recognize your cue? If you were not able to clearly recognize your cue, just ask yourself the question: What is the cue for this picture?

The Switch Pattern for Anger

Get a clear vision of the new picture and make sure you are a part of it. Once you have established that picture, move it aside for a moment. Now establish a dissociated vision of the old picture. When you recognize your cue in the old picture say STOP to yourself and then move the picture closer to you, make it smaller, smaller, darker, and darker until it's a little black BB right in front of your face. Now shoot it back behind you and blow it up into a million molecules while saying REPLACE to yourself, which simultaneously brings up the new picture.

Continue to Restructure

It is important to reread these sheets every day until you have completely destroyed the old program and installed a new one of your choice. If you have not begun to see significant results after 7 days, you will need to use another blank Stop and Replace sheet and rewrite all of your benefits, Empowering Questions, new and old picture and of course a clear identification of your Cue. Every time you reread your Stop and Replace sheet, you are moving closer to permanently restructuring an old subconscious program. This is how you learned what does not work and this is how you restructure it. It is now up to you to determine what you are happy with and what you are not happy with.

The most dramatic results you will ever achieve for something you wish to change will be made with the use of the Stop and Replace System. The Stop and Replace System will allow you to take control anytime you choose to do so. You are no longer subject to what you have learned or how you have been programmed. You can now ultimately decide what information remains in the subconscious and what information will not. The only question in regard to using the Stop and Replace system regularly is…“Do I want my programming to control me or do I want to take control of my programming?”